Team Spotlight | Implementation Success Team

The DebtNext Platform (dPlat) delivers operational efficiencies, and helps our clients gain a competitive advantage in today’s changing business environment. Our five-phase approach to implementation ensures that dPlat is customized and configured to meet our clients’ individual requirements to best enhance their recovery management solutions.

During the initial two quarters of 2024, our team has forged collaborative partnerships with clients across diverse business sectors, culminating in the successful execution of multiple dPlat implementations. Here are some of the recent testimonials from our esteemed business partners in the telecommunication, industrial/manufacturing waste disposal, and debt buyer industries.

• “We appreciated the dedicated resources and regular cadence to meetings combined with flexibility for what our project specifically required.”

• “The team was incredibly helpful and thorough in developing our instance of the dPlat system that was deployed. They were patient to spend some extra time as required and have shown an open mind to resolve any issues where the system was not meeting our expectations.”

• “The team was very communicative and professional.”

We are eager to collaborate with you and your team, leveraging our expertise and resources to achieve shared objectives. Together, we look forward to delivering impactful results and optimizing your recovery effort.

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Frank Ellenberger Awarded Employee Distinction Spotlight

In this quarter’s Distinction Spotlight, Frank Ellenberger, was nominated by five of his peers. These nominations shared a common thread that paints a picture of Frank’s character and why he is an important part of our team.

As a leader, Frank has consistently demonstrated the ability to guide and inspire his team. His leadership style fosters an environment of growth and learning. He leads by example, setting high standards for himself and his team, and his dedication and commitment to excellence are evident in every project he undertakes.

As a collaborator, Frank understands the importance of teamwork and cooperation. He values the input of his peers and is always open to new ideas. His ability to work well with others, coupled with his excellent communication skills, makes him a vital asset in any team setting.

Being a dPlat expert, Frank possesses an in-depth understanding of our platform. His expertise is invaluable in navigating the complexities of the system, troubleshooting issues, and implementing solutions. His knowledge and skills in this area have undoubtedly contributed to the success of many projects.

In summary, Frank Ellenberger is a model employee who embodies the values of leadership, collaboration, expertise, and dedication. His contributions go beyond his technical skills. His positive attitude, work ethic, and commitment to the team’s success are qualities that make him truly invaluable. His presence enhances the team’s dynamics and his efforts help drive the team towards achieving its goals. His recognition in this quarter’s Distinction Spotlight is well-deserved, and we look forward to his continued contributions to the team.


Michael Tatarowicz Awarded Employee Distinction Spotlight

We would like to congratulate Michael Tatarowicz as our Employee Distinction Spotlight Award winner! This peer-nominated award is presented on a quarterly basis to a DebtNext Team member who exemplifies superior performance and overall contribution to our Company goals.

In just a few short months since joining our team in June, Michael Tatarowicz has displayed a commitment to understanding our platform, industry, company, and clients. He has consistently demonstrated a proactive approach to learning and understanding our complex environment. His diligence in grasping the intricacies of our platform and industry, coupled with an eagerness to comprehend our company’s values and client needs, has been exceptional. ​

This commitment to gaining knowledge has not only accelerated his professional growth but has also contributed significantly to the efficiency and accuracy of his work. Michael’s willingness to step outside his comfort zone is one trait that stands out. ​

Despite being relatively new to the team, he has taken on tasks that go beyond his limited scope of platform knowledge, consistently delivering results with a focus on both efficiency and accuracy.

Over the past month, Michael has made remarkable strides in taking ownership of the processes he takes on. He demonstrates a level of confidence in his work, always striving for improvement and excellence. Even when faced with challenges, Michael approaches them with a positive attitude and an unwavering commitment to finding solutions. ​

What is truly noteworthy is his proactive approach to self-education. If ever unsure about a task or concept, Michael invests the time and effort to educate himself, showcasing a commendable dedication to personal and professional development.

Thom Majka Awarded Employee Distinction Spotlight

We would like to congratulate Thom Majka as our Employee Distinction Spotlight Award winner! This peer nominated award is presented on a quarterly basis to a DebtNext Team member who exemplifies superior performance and overall contribution to our Company goals.

Thom received three nominations which were all centered around his passion and interest in the success and growth of DebtNext Software.​

Thom’s contributions to our organization have played a pivotal role in driving our company’s growth and success. His ability to establish and nurture strong relationships with our Clients and agency partners has been instrumental in our growth trajectory. His unwavering commitment to expanding DebtNext Software into new growth verticals has opened doors to opportunities in Debt Management, Banking, Telecom, and Waste Management Services, and others while also maintaining our strong presence in the utility sector. ​

This year Thom has played an integral role in Client Health checks, providing feedback on internal presentations as well as setting the tone on each presentation letting our clients know that they are special and that they are getting the best from DebtNext Software and their designated support team.​ Also, Thom spearheaded the Accredited Partner Program, without Thom’s leadership and hard work, that Product would not have been possible.​

Congratulations to Thom on this achievement!

Chary Gurney Awarded Employee Distinction Spotlight

We are excited to announce that Chary Gurney is our first Employee Distinction Spotlight Award winner. This peer nominated award is presented on a quarterly basis to a DebtNext Team member who exemplifies superior performance and overall contribution to our company goals.

Chary received 3 nominations from other DebtNext team members for her outstanding performance. Chary’s nominations were all centered around her in depth product expertise and her ability to leverage that in meeting client needs. She has a firm grasp of all DebtNext internal processes and procedures and is able to blend that with a deep understanding of the client use cases to deliver superior results. Most importantly, Chary truly cares about client success with the Platform.

Congratulations to Chary on this achievement!