IC System Accreditation

DebtNext is proud to announce that I.C. System achieved the inaugural accredited partner of our groundbreaking dPlat Partner Accreditation Program.  This program has been developed to provide creditors with complete peace of mind when selecting collection partners to integrate with their DebtNext platform (dPlat).

To achieve accreditation, potential partners must undergo a comprehensive evaluation by our DebtNext compliance team in the areas of Integration, Authentication, Remittance Management, and SOC 2 Compliance.  I.C. System has showcased excellence across all these crucial aspects, making us extremely proud to have them as an official partner.

Is your collection organization integrated with multiple DebtNext systems? If so, reach out to Frank Ellenberger (sales@debtnext.com) for information on how to initiate your accreditation evaluation process.

DebtNext Attends Monticello

DebtNext team members Andrew Hannan, Frank Ellenberger, Paul Fredrick, and Thom Majka attended the Monticello Conference. They appreciated meeting existing customers and prospects, as well as talking to agency partners about the Vendor Select Program at this event.

The Monticello Conference is an educational event for utility industry professionals and solution providers, organized by Conferences By Monticello, a company that provides premier conferences and events for the utility industry. The conference covered topics such as metering technology, data management, billing systems, credit and collections, customer service, and regulatory compliance. Team member Andrew Hannan and Jeremy Gaffney from Cox Communications presented a case study on vendor management, spurring hours of questions and conversations!

If you missed it, reach out to sales@debtnext.com to hear more!


DebtNext attends Industry Global Conference

DebtNext team members Andrew Hannan, Keith Solar, Charyl Gurney, and Frank Ellenberger attended Industry Global Conference earlier this week. Industry Global is a premier conference for software product managers. Our team members attended the two-day event that featured workshops, keynotes, breakouts, and networking opportunities with over 750 other product people from around the world.

Some of the speakers include Marty Cagan, author of “Inspired: How To Create Tech Products Customers Love”, Andres Glusman, CEO of DoWhatWorks.io, and Christine Itwaru, Principal Strategist at Pendo.

This conference is highly recommended for product professionals. Attendees have praised it for its excellent content targeted towards product managers and the inspiring and energizing atmosphere.

Phin Solutions Joins DebtNext’s Vendor Select Program

DebtNext Software is excited to announce Phin Solutions is now an associate of their Vendor Select Program. Phin Solution provides the DebtNext clients the data service to identify critical events that occur within their customer account portfolios immediately to prevent Bankruptcy Stay Law, FDCPA, TCPA, SCRA and FCRA violations and the technology to systemically file bankruptcy proof of claims in a timely and compliant manner.

“DebtNext Software takes great pride in strengthening client relationships. Today’s economic environment is a concern for all, being able to introduce the Phin Bankruptcy Monitoring Service, especially with focus on pre-charge off accounts will bring an extra value add to our client’s receivable management processes.”

– Thom Majka, DebtNext Director of Client Success.

“Phin Solutions is excited to be a member of DebtNext’s Vendor Select Program.   Our Vigilant-CMSsm suite of services offers daily compliance monitoring of active and charge account portfolios for creditors, debt buyers, collection agencies, utility and fintech companies.  Coupled with our eBK Claimssm filing technology, together we provide a robust bankruptcy recovery solution.  We look forward to expanding our service solutions to aid DebtNext clients better manage and identify bankrupt, deceased, litigious and active-duty military consumers.”

– Todd Hinrichs, Phin Solutions President

To learn more, contact sales@debtnext.com