DebtNext Software New Team Member Onboarding

As a part of each new team members onboarding to DebtNext, we include education on a wide variety of topics in order to help set our team up for success. With the recent addition of five new DebtNext team members, we have prepared many different educational opportunities. This week was full of learning for our newest DebtNext team members. These learning opportunities included topics on infrastructure, dPlat implementations, clients, sales demos, and the history of DebtNext.

The High-Level Sales Demo was presented by our Product Specialist, Frank Ellenberger. He was able to show our new team members what it is like to present our product to a potential client. This demo also helped to teach our team about some of the most important features that our software has to offer.

The History of DebtNext was presented by DebtNext President, Paul Goske, and Director of Client Success, Thom Majka. Thom and Paul spoke about our product offerings, software, clients, and industry. They were able to help our newest team members understand what it is that we do, what problems we solve, and what our Platforms purpose is.

DebtNext Enhanced Onboarding Program

The DebtNext Enhanced Onboarding Program, which is designed to onboard recent college graduates, is architected to teach a wide variety of skills and topics that are applicable to being a successful employee at DebtNext Software. Throughout this six-month program, members will complete various tasks and projects designed to prepare them for a successful career. The Enhanced Onboarding Program comes with endless learning opportunities. These instructional experiences include industry education, sales demonstrations, mock implementations, dPlat & Intranet education, and so much more. By the end of the EOP experience, members will be ready to thrive in one or more of our Client Success and Technology Team positions.

Our next Enhanced Onboarding Program is set to start on June 5, 2023. If you are interested in learning more about the DebtNext Enhanced Onboarding Program, click here.