IC Systems Podcast

In the most recent episode of the ‘Closing the Books’ by IC System, host Eric Johannes, Director of Marketing at IC System speaks with Karen Jonas, Senior VP of Field Sales at IC System, and Frank Ellenberger, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Debtnext Software. IC System recently became the first vendor certified for DebtNext under their new accreditation program – dPlat. The discussion provides insights into DebtNext’s recovery management platform, a middleware software sitting between clients’ billing systems and collection partners.

Covered in this conversation are:

  • DebtNext platform overview: Ellenberger describes DebtNext’s middleware platform, highlighting its role in automating the movement of accounts throughout the billing cycle. The platform manages various scenarios, from call campaigns for active accounts to legal workflows for accounts in collection. It ensures compliance, tracks balances, and offers comprehensive reporting to help clients manage the entire recovery process.
  • IC System’s Relationship with DebtNext: Jonas discusses IC System’s long-standing relationship with DebtNext, spanning several decades. IC System appreciates the transparency and efficiency provided by DebtNext’s platform. They leverage scorecards to monitor performance weekly, facilitating proactive management. The reconciliation process, invoicing, and smooth communication contribute to the success of their collaboration.
  • DebtNext Accreditation Program: Ellenberger introduces DebtNext’s new accreditation program, aiming to formalize and substantiate recommendations for collection agencies. The program evaluates partners in areas such as integration, authentication, remittance management, and SOC 2 compliance. IC System, as the first accredited partner, highlights the rigorous process involving security, compliance, and on-site audits. The accreditation aims to set a high standard in the industry, providing clients with peace of mind and showcasing partners’ excellence.

“IC System is one of the first companies that come to mind, of folks we know we can rely on that have demonstrated excellence in our platform,” said Ellenberger.

Overall, the podcast explores the evolution of IC System’s collaboration with DebtNext, the intricacies of DebtNext’s middleware platform, and the significance of the new accreditation program in setting industry standards. See the full podcase here: IC System’s DebtNext dPlat Certification – IC System

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