DebtNext Boost

DebtNext Boost

dPlat Software Release 1.0019

The purpose of this DebtNext Boost session is to provide an overview of the 1.0019 Release process and the efforts to include more than 50 enhancements. We will focus on three key enhancements related to compliance, placement strategy, and user workflow. By the end of the session, attendees will have gained a high-level understanding of the latest version of the DebtNext software and the features included. Click here to watch the Boost session on Vimeo.

AR Sales Management

Account Recoverability Index

The dPlat Inventory Account Recoverability Index is a dynamic indicator that can be customized a variety of ways using a series of account attributes and activities that matter most to you. Let us show you how you can set up and assign the Recoverability Index and the associated reporting that your team can use to help drive recovery efforts. Click here to watch this boost session on Vimeo. 

Placement Score Card

The Placement Score Card is a visual comparative analysis tool within dPlat that allows you to understand your placements’ performance. This can assist you in making informed business decisions. This tool can use a variety of factors and it is customizable to your company’s needs. In this session, we’ll review the setup, features, and customizations available for the Placement Score Card. Click here to watch this boost session on Vimeo.

AR Sales Management

Operational Worklists & Agenda Items

If you routinely execute operational tasks involving history item exceptions, issues, agenda items, audits, and/or bankruptcy, then this session is for you. The dPlat Worklist is a powerful tool that can be utilized to execute these tasks seamlessly. Discover what Worklists are, where they are available, and how to put them to work for your team. Click here to watch this boost session on Vimeo.

The Power of Paradigms

This DebtNext Boost session is intended to give a high-level overview of Platform Paradigms and Decision Engine Allocation Optimization. Click here to watch this boost session on Vimeo.

AR Sales Management

CFPB Regulation F Demo

DebtNext has developed a comprehensive solution to handle the CFPB Regulation F requirements for customer communication, consent management, and balance itemization. Click here to watch our demo on Vimeo.