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At DebtNext Software, our core vision centers around creating a culture of unsurpassed customer service.

A History of Innovation

In 1999, DebtNext Software co-founders Rob Novosel and Paul Goske helped introduce the first internet-based application designed for the analysis and disposition of portfolios of charged-off debt. And while successfully facilitating sales of billions of dollars of accounts-including the industry's first charged-off portfolio sale by a major bank via the internet-they listened to industry leaders describing their additional application needs. In 2003, DebtNext was born. Today, DebtNext Software delivers customized, affordable technology, services and consulting solutions to all facets of the recovery management industry. The company's DebtNext Direct application is a modular technology platform customizable for specific industries with the common areas of focus on recovery optimization and collection agency management, and the acquisition & sale of charged-off receivables.

Expertise, Experience & Technology

DebtNext Software has leveraged its extensive experience and expertise to deliver a comprehensive set of solutions designed to optimize every aspect of business and recovery operations for our clients. Organizations in various industries utilize our technology solutions and consulting expertise to reduce costs, improve operations, and gain a competitive advantage in today's changing business environment. As we continue to identify customer needs, we will continue to grow our applications and solutions to meet those needs.

"The Debt Next team is also extremely responsive to customizing the system to meet their client's needs."

"We ultimately selected DebtNext for the elegant and intuitive reporting features."

"Inventory and data changes are presented immediately and in ‘realtime' allowing immediate use of data status for sales, placement, analysis, etc."

"With today's economic issues, it is imperative that we manage our bad debt effectively and the DebtNext application is a tool that will help us meet this goal."

"The DebtNext Direct application has brought our company to a whole new level of performance. It provides a complete inventory management package, including placement/recall, media support, financial reporting, servicer performance reporting and more."

"I have not seen a system in our industry that has the capabilities that DebtNext has and the ease of use of this system makes it useful for any originators of debt."